We are sustainability experts – deeply rooted in global commodity production and trade. Each of us owns over two decades of experience in production, advisory and assurance services in agricultural supply chains. We co-create change by designing solutions hand in hand with our customers and in close co-operation with their stakeholders and partners. To do this we employ Design Thinking techniques. The approach originally comes from the tech sector. It is a human-centered approach. Design Thinking does perfectly work in the context of sustainability where solutions are designed to service the needs of vulnerable people, communities and their environment.



Human Centered Design is a creative approach to problem solving. It starts with people and ends with tailored solutions able to meet their needs. When you understand the people you are trying to reach, and design from their perspective, they come up with unexpected ideas and allow you to create a service that they will embrace.

Why are we successful?

We navigate you into sustainable-solution-building. We co-create services together. We transfer not only our sustainability know-how but with it the technique to create change from inside. We show you how to explore the needs of your customers and stakeholders. We stress the importance of dialogue. We believe that it is key to properly listen before you build. This to design future proofed sustainability architectures for your business - showing the unique DNA of your company.


The Inspiration Phase is about ,learning on the fly’, open yourself up to creative possibilities and trust, that as long as you remain grounded in the needs of the people you are designing for, your ideas will evolve into the right solutions.

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In the Ideation Phase you will come up with lots of ideas, some too crazy to try, some too crazy not to try.

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Before implementing you test your ideas in a Prototyping Phase. Meaning you build a simple prototype of your service, make it tangible and test it with those people you are designing for. Without their input you would not know if your service in on target. The feedback you generate from this phase is crucial – as it allows you to quit the bad things and improve the good things, and to finalize your service.

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During the Implementation Phase you show up your business model and build partnerships. Get your ideas out in the world. You will notice that you have gained already a lot of supporters that help to pave the ground for a successful launch of the service – because you have involved key stakeholders and partners right from the beginning in the development process.

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