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Working on sustainable supply chain commodities from field to shelf we can support you with a range of services in the following areas.
Knowing your supply chains and related risks is a prerequisite for change!

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Health & Safety

Human Rights

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Farming as a Business

Knowledge Transfer

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Regenerative Agriculture


Agricultural Supply Chains, Carbon and Water Footprint, Impact and Storytelling

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Knowing your supply chains and related risks is a prerequisite for change!


Global commodity supply chains are complex and without visibility it’s hard to understand and address risks.

Have you mapped your supply chains and do you know the players you work with?

Have you designed a sustainability strategy and set targets for implementation?

Do you manage, verify and comply with key standards in the area of social, environmental and economic performance?

Understanding these issues at level of your business including your supply chain partners can help you be more proactive in addressing the impact of your products and future proof your business.

We can help you

  • Mapping your supply chains and conduct risk analysis

  • Pre-assessing you and your stakeholders against given sustainability standards

  • Managing standard requirements in professional Internal Management Systems.

  • Learning how to verify your performance against defined KPIs to assure compliance

  • Designing your customized private sourcing code to show the unique DNA of your business

  • Developing accountability reports to show continuous improvement on your sustainability  journey.

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Carbon and water footprints

We enable you to find out the amount of greenhouse gases emitted and the amount of water used either for a single process, a product or service, your company or your entire supply chain.

Measuring your carbon and water footprints is the first step on the journey towards a low carbon and low water consumption strategy. Your carbon and water footprint acts as a baseline upon which we define and measure the success of your future carbon, energy and water reduction initiatives. A Carbon and water footprint is a must for forward-thinking organizations who embed sustainability into the center of their organization’s philosophy.     


Mitigation and Adaptation

We help you driving powerful actions towards efficient reduction of greenhouse gases and sustainable strategies for supplying, purifying or conserving water. 

Identifying greenhouse gas  reduction opportunities and  carrying out a water footprint assessment in-house can result in significant bottom line cost reductions within your organization. We enable the implementation of adaptation measures and help you and your  supply chain to become more resilient against climate change.


Carbon project management

We provide you support in all phases of the carbon project development cycle following different carbon standards like CDM, Gold Standard, VCS, Plan Vivo.

Carbon projects go through different phases e.g. pre-feasibility assessment, validation, registration, monitoring and verification. It is essential to follow up closely and timely the carbon certification and management process to ensure the success of the project in an effective and efficient manner.  Carbon project management includes amongst others the preparation of all necessary documents, the calculation of emission reductions, the involvement of relevant stakeholders, the support of local implementation teams and accompanying the onsite audits and the respective follow-up provided by the certification body.

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Right impact, authentic story!

Are you able to collect the data that enables you to measure progress of your sustainability efforts?

Do you know how you get right insights and learnings from your data?

Are you able to engage and communicate with your key stakeholders in a meaningful way?

To be impactful on your journey of change we help you


  • Designing your tailor made theory of change

  • Identifying what matters in your business and setting the right KPIs - being clear on input, output, outcome and impact

  • Showing you how to get the right recommendations from your data to generate learning loops and achieve progress.

  • Telling your very own story of change!

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