More About Us

Sustainable Roots designs customized sourcing and impact codes and respective assurance architectures for brands and projects by translating in-house sustainability programs into verifiable private codes. Under this concept we develop tailored verification solutions for companies’ own sustainability interventions. Such agile frameworks offer you flexibility, transparency and accountability and are often more cost effective than standardized certification programs. Customized sustainability tools give you options to design tailored standards shaped to your individual needs. They further allow combining internal with external verification approaches to assure private sustainability claims in a highly participative and co-responsible modus.

Due to our intense history in Fairtrade we keep a particular eye on small farmers’ and small entrepreneurs’ realities in global trade to make sure that sustainability efforts remain human focused, doable, affordable and business intelligent. Such an approach requires active dialogue among all players in trade to enable the design of lean verification and accountability tools.

At Sustainable Roots we believe that true empathic collaboration between people in global value chains is key to design smart sustainability solutions for the future!